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Cycling in Cyprus

The following video is a MUST for all interested in Cyprus, but especially for cycling and biking enthusiasts. It was prepared by the Cyprus Tourism Organization and shows the beauty of Cyprus in all its grandeur, as well how cycling professionals and amateurs can benefit by training in Cyprus.

Click on the following links to download the 9 minute video clip to your computer:

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Cyprus is a natural mountain-biking place. Its terrain offers many opportunities for exciting mountain-biking in different tracks, making the island a paradise for the sportís fans.

Due to the excellent weather conditions prevailing on the island, cycling sports can be enjoyed almost throughout the year.


Facilities for renting bicycles are available in all towns and sea-side resorts. General traffic regulations correspond to those in Europe, but traffic in Cyprus moves on the left hand-side, NOT ON THE RIGHT. International road traffic signs are placed along roads and highways. Cyclists are advised to avoid cycling along the main roads at weekends, especially in the summer when traffic is very heavy. If possible, cyclists, should also avoid riding due west in the late afternoon, as the glare of the setting sun can be unpleasant and potentially dangerous. Sunglasses and sunhat, at all hours of the day, during the summer months, are most advisable.

The CYCLE CLUB, organizes various non racing cycling activities and events where everyone is welcome to participate. Similar activities are organized also by the Lemesos Cycling Club.

The Cyprus Cycling Federation organizes contests in Spring, like the famous Afxentia mountain bike two stage International Race and in Autumn various other cycling events, in which everyone is welcome to participate.

At late November, there is also an International Mountain bike Race at Agia Napa.

The Cyprus Cycling Federation (CCF) organizes local and international races for Road Racing and Mountain biking.


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