Cyprus Nature Trails

  • The trails of Cyprus

    Before the technological revolution and the dominance of the motor vehicle, paths and cart tracks made up the main road network in cyprus and the only link among the villages and between the villages and the towns.
    Nowadays, the cart tracks have virtually disappeared, with only a few traces remaining near old bridges, while most paths are now covered in thick vegetation. The remainig few are used mainly for exercise, nature study and recreation. With financial support from the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, the Forestry Department has created forty eight paths or trails which cover a total distance of 200kms in various parts of the island, from Kavo Gkreko at the Southeastern end, to Akamas in the West.
    These have been carefully designed to cover areas with rich natural vegeration and cultural interests. They have been constructed on gentle gradients and are, as a rule, circular so that all age groups can use them with ease. They are also well-sign posted.
    Many of these trails have been networked and grouped in areas.


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    1. Akamas | 2. Pitsylia | 3. Forest Park Of Athalassa | 4. Troodos | 5. Machairas Forest | 6. Kavo Greko | 7. Stavros Tis Psokas | 8. Germasogeia Dam

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