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  • Kavo Greko
  • Kavo Greko

    A National Forest Park at the southeastern end of the island between Agia Napa and Paralimni. The uniqueness of the area is not only due to its natural beauty but also to the fact that it offers a wide range of interests such as swimming, diving, towed parachute, fishing, rowing, cycling, riding, climbing, airsports and hiking.
    Coastal shrubs of which the most frequent observed species is Juniperus Phoenicea and plants such as chrysanthemums, wild onions, poppies, anemones, mainly in springtime, dominate the vegetation.
    There are about 300 plant species in the area, II of which are includes species such as partridge, Wood pigeon, crow, owl, as well as a large number of migratory birds, which stop on the island chiefly to rest. These include blackbirds, thrushes etc. Also observed in the area are foxes, hares and various species of bats, reptiles and butterflies. To date, 9 trails have been constructed Kavo Gkreko - Paralimni area.

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    1. Konnoi - Spilia Kyklopa (Cyclop's Cave)
    Starting point: Kannoi Beach.
    Length: 2.4 kms Time: 1 hour
    Points of interest: A walk along the coast leading to natural caves, the best known of which is the Cyclop's cave. A kiosk operates on Konnoi beach.

    2. Konnoi - Agioi Anargyroi
    Starting Point: Konnoi Beach
    Length: 1.4 kms Time: 1/2 hour
    Points of interest: A walk along the coast, which ends at the little church of Agioi Anargyroi, built over a sea cave, which according to tradition was the home of St. Kosmas and St.Damianos

    3. Agioi Anargyroi (circular)
    Starting point: Church of Agioi Anargyroi
    Length: 2.3 kms Time: 1 hour
    Points of interest: Dense vegetation, mainly Juniper Phoenicea, and a picnic site.

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